connectors, jumpers and Pelican™ containers

KIMBER Select loudspeaker cables are available with a wide variety of termination options. We offer three variations of WBT¨ single banana connectors including the stackable CE compliant WBT-0645. We also offer the latest WBT¨ spade lugs in Midline (pure copper) and Topline (pure silver). The spade lugs are available in standard 1/4" (6mm) and 5/16" (8mm). We have designed three models of optional "jumpers" to be used in conjunction with our loudspeaker cables for use on bi-wire capable speakers.

Knowledge procured through experience has led us to search for innovations in protective and environmentally conscious packaging. Instrument grade cables demand instrument grade packaging. Thus, KIMBER Select products are delivered in high quality, injection molded Pelican™ containers.